Stunning woman, 53 years old with a lot of allure, Swiss and French, 2 children, blond with brown eyes, very joyful and warm! She is a certified accountant and runs her own firm. She speaks French, English and German and travels regularly in Europe.

Naturally upfront and rational, this warm-hearted woman is a bit of an idealist, sincere, loyal towards her feelings !

She likes nature, walking in the mountains, winter sports and chalet atmospheres. An epicurean, she is passionate about excellent wines, she will surprise you, in a good way, by all that she knows ! She likes quality and elegance in their most simple form. Her musical tastes tend towards songs with great lyrics and blues.

He: She is looking for an open-minded man, intelligent, responsible, with a lot of charm, 50-60 years old who likes to snuggle and talk right next to the fireplace, being in nature and the simple pleasures of life, she wants to write a beautiful story together with her man!